Cheeky Boardbags for Windsurf Boards

One of the leading boardbag brands in Europe

Cheeky Windsurf Boardbag
Cheeky Windsurf Bag
Cheeky boardbags meet almost all wishes in terms of quality and equipment. This makes them durable and reliable companions that contribute to the value retention of the valuable surfboard. Unlike some cheaper boardbags, Cheeky deliberately relies on an outer shell made of 100% polyester 600D, which makes the outer shell durable, tear-resistant, water-repellent and more UV-resistant. The high quality plastic zipper stands up to sand, lime and salt. The padding of the board bag is above average with a padding of 7 mm and an edge padding of 10 mm.
The transport bag is equipped with a padded ergonomic handle and a removable shoulder strap. At the bottom is a slot to store the board even with mounted fin.

Finally, the good fit should be mentioned, which are each tailored to the typical board shapes of the size.

Technical data:
  • Shell: UV-proof Polyester 600D
  • Inside material: Silver PE tarp
  • Water repellant
  • Overall padding 7 mm, edge padding 10 mm
  • Quality 270° plastic zipper
  • Fin slot with velcro closure, carry handle, removable carry strap

Available sizes
  • 220 x 80 cm (Wing)
  • 230 x 65 cm
  • 235 x 75 cm
  • 239 x 60 cm
  • 239 x 65 cm
  • 240 x 102 cm (Formula)
  • 245 x 80 cm
  • 248 x 65 cm
  • 255 x 70 cm
  • 255 x 85 cm
  • 265 x 80 cm
  • 290 x 70 cm
Please note:The actual boardbag measures are a little larger so that boards with the above measures will fit in. For example, a board with 245 x 80 cm will fit into a Cheeky 245 x 80 cm but the bag is a little larger in reality. You do not need to buy a bigger boardbag to be sure that the board will fit.

You can see many windsurfers spending a lot of money on windsurf boards / sailboards. In return, it is more than reasonable to save money on other equipment. But a windsurf boardbag is not a thing to save on as it is not just any part of windsurf equipment but a good investment to protect your valuable surfboard against optical and technical damages and overheating.

Our goal is not to win any design awards but offer a premium boardbag quality for a reasonable price. The fact that the cheeky boardbag demand is increasing steadily is a positive feedback that encourages us to proceed with our product policy.

Always remeber: The first scratch on your Standup Board hurts the most...