Cheeky Wetsuit Bag

The practical bag for your wet neoprene suit

wetsuit bag
cheeky wetsuit bag
cheeky wetsuit bag instruction illustration
This Wetsuit Bag is the practical gimmick for all water sports fans: You spread out the circular bag on the ground, stand on it and then you can comfortably take off your surf suit without getting your feet dirty or your wetsuit falling into the mud. It simply lands on the spread out tarp. Now you can pull the drawstring tight, and the tarp becomes a waterproof bag that carries your neoprene suit. The moisty suit can be transported in the trunk of your car, for example, until you can hang it up to dry.

Technical data:
  • Diameter about 110 cm
  • Colour: Black
  • Drawstring closure
  • UPC 0796554909912