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Cheeky Masts

Cheeky is a high-quality brand for windsurf masts and other windsurf equipment. Both the skinny and the sdm masts meet the highest quality requirements. Due to the excellent price/quality relation, Cheeky masts are suitable both for hobby surfers and professional windsurfers. Of course the Cheeky surf mast is produced to the new Prepreg specification which allows a steady mix of carbon fibers.

carbon mast

carbon mast

Cheeky Masts have the following qualities:

  • high carbon percentage (100 % Carbon) for an excellent reflex
  • Prepreg production for maximal strength and durability
  • extraordinary reflex
  • Kevlar insert in the stressed boom area
  • high compatibility with most sails manufacturers (Constant Curve bend characteristics)
  • first-class finish
  • high break resistance
  • tops and bases can be combined without any restrictions to obtain different bend characteristics (constant curve, hard top, flex top)
  • excellent price / quality ratio

Technical details on the masts

These specifications make cheeky masts an excellent choice for windsurfers who are looking for a high-quality and long-lasting mast. A cheeky windsurf mast is therefore an investment for the future. The total range can therefore be found in surfshops all over Europe.