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Cheeky Alloy Series Wishbone

Cheeky Aluminium Gabelbaum
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Cheeky Gabelbaum


Cheeky Alloy Pro - The "unbreakable" windsurf boom

Several features such as an extra hard alloy, an increased wall thickness and the short length adjustment make out of these three boom models some extremely robust high-end products for windsurfing.

  • Material: T8 Alloy
  • 29 mm tube diametre
  • 1.6 mm wall thickness
  • articulating front end
  • comfortable long-life quick fastener
  • robust double pin adustment system
  • integrated RDM adapter
  • loop-and-go end piece
  • foamed tubes
  • double screwed tubes for the sizes 160-210 and 180-230 cm
  • Monocoque construction for 135-185 cm
  • Weights: 2.4 kg (135-185 cm), 2.7 kg (160-210 cm), 2.9 kg (180-230 cm)