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The Cheeky Boardbag

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Cheeky Boardbags - Features

  • upper side and side walls of the standup bag are of extremely robust rip-stop 600D material
  • overall padding 7 mm, side walls of the bag reinforced: 12 mm
  • back side: stable and sun reflecting silver foil (water resistant)
  • almost indestructible 270° zipper: no deformation, no corrosion
  • fin slit can be closed by zipper so that you can transport the Surfboard without removing the fin (except for unusual fins such as seaweed fins)
  • removable shoulder straps with an extra thick shoulder pad for a maximum of carrying comfort
  • additional nylon carrying handles that you can use as an alternative to the shoulder straps
  • all outer seams stabilized by the seam protection technique
  • the boardbag is of water repellant materials and resistant to chafing with an excellent tear strength
  • available sizes:* 239x60 cm, 248x65 cm, 255x70 cm, 265x80 cm, 260x100 cm, 245x80 cm

*The boardbag measures are inside measures so that a sailboard with the given measures will fit into the windsurf boardbag.

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You can see many windsurfers spending a lot of money on windsurf boards / sailboards. In return, it is more than reasonable to save money on other equipment. But a windsurf boardbag is not a thing to save on as it is not just any part of windsurf equipment but a good investment to protect your valuable surfboard against optical and technical damages and overheating.

Our goal is not to win any design awards but offer a premium boardbag quality for a reasonable price. The fact that the cheeky boardbag demand is increasing steadily is a positive feedback that encourages us to proceed with our product policy.

Always remeber: The first scratch on your Standup Board hurts the most...